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Tarallini with Fennel, are crunchy and crumbly circles, with an intense aroma and the unique flavor of fennel seeds. They are an ideal snack for an aperitif, a dinner or a buffet in front of the TV or simply to break hunger during the day. The properties of fennel are many, from aromatic, aperitif, digestive, diuretic and also excellent as antispasmodic.

Ingredients : type "00" soft wheat flour, 10% extra virgin olive oil, water, lard, white wine, 2% fennel, wheat malt.

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Nutritional values

Nutritional values

per 100g of product

Energy value Kj / Kcal



18.5 g

of which saturated fats

g 2.2


g 63

of which sugars

g 2.5


8.45 g


2.75 g

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