It is a rice with a very large grain, even more than 7 mm long, with a rounded shape and a whitish color due to a central pearling that occupies almost the entire grain. Among the different qualities of rice, Arborio is the one that has the largest grains, during cooking it tends to release a lot of starch, which allows it to absorb aromas and flavors well. It is ideal for the preparation of risottos, if you have skill in making them, as this type of rice tends to overcook very quickly, exceeding the cooking point. Arborio rice is also recommended in the preparation of soups and all those dry rice preparations such as timbales and arancini.

Quantity : 1 Kg

Cooking time : 13 minutes (with abundant release of starch and good intake of aromas and flavors; grainy on the palate. Quickly passes the cooking point)

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Nutritional values

Nutritional values

per 100g of product

Energy value Kj / Kcal



g 0.4

of which saturated fats

g 0.1


77 g

of which sugars

g 0.3


g 9.3


g 2.0


g 0

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