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Roasted chestnuts with chocolate are prepared with first choice Italian chestnuts, carefully selected one by one. For the realization, only whole chestnuts of medium size are selected, clean, peeled and free of imperfections are then dipped in the dark chocolate cream without palm oil. This type of roasted chestnuts is perfect to be enjoyed as a dessert or as an accompaniment to ice cream and panna cotta.

Ingredients : chestnuts 54%, glucose syrup 30%, dark chocolate 15%, flavors 1%. It may contain traces of nuts, milk and derivatives, soy and derivatives. DOES NOT CONTAIN PALM OIL

The handmade product Roasted chestnuts with chocolate was chosen and selected by Casafolino .

Nutritional values

Nutritional values

per 100g of product

Energy value Kj / Kcal



g 1.9

of which saturated

g 0.4


65.1 g

of which sugars

64.50 g


g 1.9


g 0.036

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