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Calabrian fillings

They are typical and traditional products made following ancient Calabrian recipes, handed down from generation to generation.

In Calabria,you can not miss chillies, onions, tomatoes stuffed with a very tasty filling

They are ideal as an appetizer and as a side dish to accompany second courses of meat or fish and grilled

Calabrian stuffed chillies

Calabrian chili peppers are a classic of Calabrian cuisine, made mainly with a fish or cheese filling, have a decisive and slightly spicy flavor, perfect to enjoy bite after bite during an Aperitif or to accompany second meat dishes.

Calabrian stuffed onions

Calabrian onions, specifically the red ones of Tropea, are known all over the world for their delicate and sweetish flavor. They are ideal to fill with Tuna, Chili pepper or Cheese, bringing to the table the unmistakable flavors of the time.

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