Calabrian Cheese

It is a typical product of the Italian and Calabrian tradition, present all over the world to enrich Appetizers, First and Second Courses traditional and rich in taste.
Calabria is known for its excellent production of Pecorino Cheese, Cow's Cheese, Provole, Caciocavallo and Ricotta. All ideal products pre enrich with taste the tables all over the world, creating cheese platters with jams or honeys, typical appetizers, enriched with Cured Meats, and creating original and tasty.

Il Pecorino del Monte Poro

It is produced in Calabria, in the province of Vibo Valentia, with sheep's milk and cow carefully selected in the pastures of Monte Poro. It is a cheese with an intense and slightly spicy flavor, ideal for appetizers and tasty aperitifs.

Il CacioCavallo Calabrese

Caciocavallo Calabrese is another cheese, with spun dough, of calabrian traction made following ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation; fresh, seasoned or semi-seasoned, it is ideal to be enjoyed slice after slice or accompanied with jams or honey for those who love refined and sophisticated flavors.

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