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Jams and Jams

Calabrian Jams and Jams

They are a typical Italian product, made according to ancient traditional recipes and using only the best products. It is a sweet cream, with a slightly gelatinous consistency, very tasty and ideal to enjoy at breakfast, to make sweets, tarts, or to accompany cheese platters. The difference between Jams and Jams is very simple, the former are based on fruits and/or vegetables, while the others are based on citrus fruits.

Calabrian Jams

Jams have always reigned supreme on calabrian, Italian and all over the world tables, to stuff sweets and spread them on toast and rusks to pair tea or milk coffee for breakfast. With the development of gourmet cuisine, the combinations have also shifted to savory dishes, accompanying meats, cheese platters, feschi or seasoned. Among the most common jams, in addition to the classic, strawberry, blackberries, there are those with chili, apples and licorice, pears and chili, tropea onion and so on. They are all able to delight the most demanding palates.

Calabrian Jams

Jams are made with the best Calabrian citrus fruits, oranges, bergamots, cedars, perfume and unmistakable flavor.

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