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Calabrian Wine

It's an alcoholic beverage-obtained from the fermentation of grape fruit or must; it consists mainly of water, in high quantities, and alcohol. Depending on the vines used, both its flavor and color vary; in fact, it can be red, rosé or white. It is ideal to enjoy for lunch or dinner, accompanying and enhancing the dishes.

Calabrian Red Wine

It is a very full-bodied, robust wine, generally it is combined with important foods, which have strong flavorsand aromas, redmeats, grilled meats, enhancing in taste.

Calabrese Rosè wine

It is a wine halfway between the red and the white, full-bodied but at the same time delicate, ideal to combine with Appetizers based on typical cold cuts, risotto with mushrooms, and any dish with a strong but not too much flavor.

Calabrian White Wine

The Calabrian white wine is instead indicated for delicate dishes to which it is recommended to combine light wines that do not hide their flavor; for example, it is perfect with first or second courses of fish, crustaceans or lean meats.

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