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Calabrian Pasta

It is a very simple food, which has always enriched tables all over Italy, now widespread even abroad. It is a very simple food, based on flour and water,divided into regular forms intended for cooking in boiling, salty water.

In addition to the classic pasta based on white or wholemeal flour, there is the one flavored with lemon, chili, spinach, tomato, wine, chestnut; the color is also different, red, green, purple, so as to delight, not only the palate but also the view.

It is perfect to enjoy with meat or fish sauces, simple sauces or with the classic Calabrian condiment, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and hot pepper.

Calabrian chili paste

This is the perfect harmony between two traditional products, such as Pasta and Chili Pepper. It is well known that Sua Maesà, chili pepper, is the Calabrian ingredient par excellence and that it is used in all its sauces and in all recipes.

It is perfect seasoned with only excellent quality extra virgin olive oil or to enhance sauces based on meat or simple.

Calabrese pasta with Chestnut

It is a bronze drawn pasta, with a rough and full-bodied puff pastry, ideal for enhancing simple sauces or mushroom-based sauces. It is produced according to ancient recipes and with first choice ingredients, to guarantee the excellence of pasta.

Calabrese Pasta Flavored with Lemon

Lemon flavored pasta is very delicate both in taste and scent, this allows you to enhance sauces based on fish and crustaceans, bringing refinement and elegance to the table.

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