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Calabrian Cured Meats

They are typical Calabrian pork products that follow a smoking process, before which the meat is salted and, depending on the traditional recipe, seasoned with sweet or spicy pepper sauce and natural aromas.
All this aims to improve the shelf life of the product, its aroma and its coloring. The typical Calabrian cured meats are suppressed, 'Nduja, sausage, bacon, capocollo, schiacciata, ideal to be enjoyed alone, slice after slice, or to be used in typical recipes of first and second courses or to enrich aperitifs and appetizers.

Calabrian Nduja

Calabrian 'Nduja is the most representative salami in the Calabria region; unlike sausage, crushed, capocollo, which are tasted in slices, this has a creamy consistency, ideal to spread on bruschetta, bread or to dissolve in the pan to season pasta or enrich sauces.

The pork is finely chopped and mixed with Calabrian chilli and then stuffed in orba or frizz and smoked; it is also possible to find it in a glass jar, enriched with extra virgin olive oil.

Calabrian sausage and suppressed

Calabrian sausage and soppressata, spicy or sweet, are ideal to use in traditional recipes or to be enjoyed alone, slice by slice, in all their flavor.

The only difference between these two cured meats is that they are sausaged and smoked in two different casings, the sausage in a thinner one, while the suppressed in the larger one.

Calabrian capocollo

Capocollo Calabrese is one of the oldest Calabrian cured meats, prepared using ancient and traditional methods and with only selected pork. The part of the committed pig is that between the neck and the fillet.

Hand-fenced for a natural maturation, it is tied by hand putting the rods on the sides, as a support to the tapered and, subsequently, smoked shape.

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